Forty Years Ago This Month

See what was important in the world according to What's New In Italy in February 1984.


Check out another fascinating historical edition of "What's New In Italy". This time we visit re-visit 1984.

In our February 1984 edition, we delved into Italy's economic and industrial scene, capturing a momentous era. The newsletter explored Italy's journey towards economic recovery, analyzing the inflation rates, budget deficits, and public debt of the time - a stark contrast to today's more stable but equally complex economic environment.

Highlighting the labour and industry trends of the 1980s, we predicted shifts in sectors like textiles, a far cry from today's tech-driven markets. The focus on Italy's role in technological trade, particularly patents and licensing, marked the beginning of its emergence in the global tech arena, a role that has significantly expanded in the current digital age.

We showcased the Italian automotive industry's triumphs with models like the "Miura" and Lancia Delta HF Turbo, predecessors to today's electric and hybrid innovations. The newsletter also touched on the groundbreaking developments in nuclear energy and Italy's foray into office automation with Olivetti, precursors to the contemporary renewable energy focus and AI-driven office tools.

In finance, the evolving role of women in Italian banking during the 1980s set the stage for today's diverse and inclusive financial sector. The steel and petroleum industries, then pivotal, have given way to sustainable materials and renewable energy sources.

This edition serves as a fascinating historical snapshot, offering a vivid comparison to Italy's current economic and technological landscape, and highlighting the remarkable journey from the industrial developments of the 1980s to today's innovation-driven economy.

Stay tuned for more historical editions!