December 2023 Edition

This month in What's New In Italy, we delve further into the rich tapestry of Italian culture and history. Explore the enchanting town of Bergamo, uncover the mysteries of the Etruscan Museum, and journey through the stunning landscapes of Lombardy. Discover the tantalizing tale of Pope Joan and the intricate negotiations of the EU-Australia free trade deal. Join us as we unravel Italy's hidden treasures, its legends, and its ever-evolving present in the upcoming e-zine, and much more!


What's New In Italy December 2023 cover image.
What's New In Italy December 2023 cover image.

To make the most of the interactive elements in this Google Earth project, simply double-click on the place name links within the project. These links will lead you to additional information, images, or resources related to specific locations or points of interest mention in the ezine. And don't forget that you can use "Street View" by clicking on the little figure in the lower right corner to get right amongst the action and walk the streets like a local.

Happy exploring!

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